October 29th, 2013

John anguished all day over the color of his shirt, from the moment he ran into Barkley at the Starbucks on 3rd and the young jackass asked him where he got the pink shirt. Now John knew it was a white shirt, and that there was nothing pink about it at all, that it had just come from the cleaner’s and that he fucking knew white from pink — but nonetheless he spent the whole goddamn day looking in mirrors, stopping in men’s rooms, etc. He even cut off Nancy in the hallway outside the copier and made some mention to the whiteness of his shirt, some stupid thing about how it didn’t look as white as when he bought it. And Nancy just said, “Looks fine to me.” Which for a few minutes decided it for John, until he started thinking that she didn’t actually make any statement at all on the whiteness of the shirt, only that it looked fine, and what if slightly pink was “just fine” to that ignoramus? Fuck, he thought, fuck, I’m going to have to toss this shirt the moment I get home.

3 Responses to “2132.”

  1. manteau north face homme Says:

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  2. Nina. Says:

    Dear Mr. Frost,
    By happenstance, by follow the links (starting somewhere on Facebook?), chance, I came to your work, “The Aesthetic” the old site…And, that thing happened… I got caught-up… What I mean is I really enjoyed your writing. Your voice! I live in the South Bay, so though out of date the topics were familiar, and of interest… It feels kind of exciting when it happens, when you find writing (for lack of a better metaphor) that speaks to you!
    Before I logged off this evening I wanted to tell you of my find, and complement your gift, and of course say thank you!
    Wishing you all good things for the holiday season, and in the new year! Best Regards, -N. Young.

  3. Nina. Says:

    *I took: “Mail (will not be published)” to mean my comment would not be…Phewf! FYI: Tried a couple of times posting to your e-mail only to have them returned undeliverable. -N.

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