March 24th, 2013

Jason lived alone, and he had a bad earwax problem. He tried to avoid it, but he often found himself cleaning his ears on white towels, which left stains. So he had the idea of buying towels that were that same dark honey color, so they wouldn’t show the stains. But the towels looked strange in his bathroom, so he got curtains and rugs to match. Then ultimately he had to retile the counter and get new fixturs to make everything look right. By this time, he was really liking the earwax-colored scheme in the bathroom, and wishing he had more of that around the house. So, new paint, sideboards, couch¬†reupholstered¬†– really a total remodel. And only then was he happy.

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  1. Rich Palermo Says:

    It is the only way. That debrox stuff just doesn’t work and doctor’s require an office visit before authorizing nurses to irrigate.

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