February 4th, 2013

Rollie could spot a killer in two seconds, so when he saw the man in the red windbreaker on the boardwalk, he was immediately suspicious. He ducked into a doorway and watching the man for more than hour. Then, when he was ready, he slid in behind a group of teenagers and followed them right up to the man in the red jacket. “You’re not so good at your job, mug,” he whispered, clutching the man’s collar. “You want to kill me, you better be on your game.” The man looked at him confused. “I’m not here to kill you, buddy,” he said. “I’m here to kill that guy.” And he gestured over to an older man, nervously trying to read a newspaper in the wind under a tree. Exactly the kind of person who gets killed.

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  1. John Stodder Says:

    Are you writing a novel in fragments on this blog now? My first visit in years, and these top few posts (as of 2/26) are well-written.

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