January 11th, 2013

And so it was that four men of very specific ethnicities — but not necessarily the same ethnicity — were standing around (Oh, it doesn’t really matter what they were doing, but let’s just say that they were hanging around a lunch truck.). And then another man, also of a very specific ethnicity walks up. This new person orders a burrito (it doesn’t matter what kind) and then pulls out his wallet to pay. As he does so, a bill falls out of his pocket onto the ground. This is very important, because his wallet was in his back pocket, the man is unaware that the bill has fallen out, but the four others see it very clearly. The four men freeze, and then one man (whose ethnicity you think you know, but are completely wrong about) slowly bends forward to pick it up. The other three (again, not necessarily of the same ethnicity, which again you will be wrong about) watch him carefully, wondering what he will do, and what their reaction to that will be. But the man picking up the large bill knows exactly what he will do.

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